deltaFSD is a data flow programming tool for modelling, simulation and automatic code generation.

You define a program by linking the inputs and outputs of functions.

It reflects the way in which processing systems are normally specified - as a series of interconnected functional blocks.

Using a graphical approach to defining a sequence of functions for execution isn't very impressive - any flow chart or structure diagram does this. What marks out deltaFSD is that the program executes as you define it.

Add a function and it immediately becomes part of the program, change an input to a function and it is automatically recalculated (and this cascades through the sequence of dependant functions).

deltaFSD includes a "module" capability which allows you to create a functional hierarchy within a program. The latest version supports Perl scripting - allowing you to write Perl subs which will execute as deltaFSD functions. It also supports a socket/stream function for interfacing deltaFSD to the outside world.

The sample programs include Glade and PerlTk panels - with some useful widgets for building comprehensive control and display panels.

For more information see DeDf's pages on deltaFSD. We also have some sample programs so you can see what deltaFSD is capable of.

deltaFSD is now at V0.4. It's still early days but there have been several improvements since V0.1 (including many more functions) - more info

Or you can download and try it:

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